Amazonas is an amazing magazine. It is beautiful, a real work of art that is stuffed with detailed information about all types of freshwater tropical fishes.. Each issue features a main theme that provides amazingly detailed information about the subject. For example, a typical 100 page issue will devote 30 pages to the cover topic. Some previous cover topics are Discus, Licorice Gouramis, Aquatic Plants and Angelfish. The information provided in these articles is very detailed and is most likely beyond the interest of the beginning or casual hobbyist. However, for the serious fish enthusiast this is a must-read publication.

Amazonas came to life in 1996 as a German language only publication. It was immediately lauded by expert fish keepers around the world and in 2012. the first English language version was printed. Amazonas is published bi-monthly, six issues a year. It is a standard sized magazine but is printed on especially high quality paper. Currently, each issue contains 100 pages with about 65 pages of quality content. There are about 30 pages of advertising and a few pages of miscellaneous content.

The editors and authors are global experts and the depth of their experience and knowledge is obvious. In addition to the cover feature, there is in-depth content on collecting tropical fishes, breeding tips and techniques, species profiles, new discoveries, natural habitats and other topics. Since most of the authors are not native English speakers, you will occasionally find wording that may seem a little awkward. However, the intent of the author is obvious.

If you love fishkeeping you owe it to yourself to get this magazine. Individual copies of Amazonas are available at select pet stores across the country for $7.99 and subscriptions are less than $30 For subscription information visit  Amazonas Magazine