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August 2012 - Aquarium Magazine News!

     Aquarium Fish International (AFI) magazine has ceased publication after 24 years of serving fish keepers - the October 2012 issue was the last issue.  It is sad to see AFI disappear as it actually marks the end of two great magazines. Just two years ago, in June 2010, AFI absorbed the well established Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine. Since that time, Aquarium Fish International  included a special content section under the Freshwater and Marine Aquarium banner. The loss of Aquarium Fish International magazine actually marks the demise of both magazines.

Magazines Make A Perfect Gift!
    It's hard for someone who doesn't keep fish to find a perfect gift for someone who does. A subscription to a tropical fish magazine is a gift that any fish enthusiast will value and remember for a long time.
     There is no better way to learn about the tropical fish hobby than by reading an aquarium magazine on a regular basis.In the United States, Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine has been published for nearly 60 years. During that time other tropical fish magazines have come and gone and I've read almost every aquarium magazine published in the
A Look Back
     Over the years, several aquarium magazines have come and gone. Often, these were staples in the hobby and. although no longer published, back issues of these magazines are available.
      Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) ceased publication in June 2010. During the 80's and 90's FAMA was a "must read" for serious hobbyists, especially marine enthusiasts. FAMA was at the center of promoting new marine and reef keeping techniques and helped to revolutionize the hobby.
      Aquarium Fish International was a great monthly magazine that provided lots of practical information about aquarium keeping. Unfortunately, Aquarium Fish International abruptly stopped publishing in October 2012. However, they have left behind an impressive collection of great magazines.
past 50 years. Each aquarium magazine has a distinct personality but be aware that over the years magazine change their look, style and content mix.

        There is one major aquarium magazine in the US along with a couple of specialty aquarium magazines for specific fish types (i.e. Cichlid News). In addition, the national fish organizations put out publications, however, these targeted publications usually appeal only to the specialist. Therefore, if you are looking for a good tropical fish magazine that will be enjoyed by anyone interested in keeping fish there is only one choice. Fortunately, it is a great option.

        It's possible to sometimes find aquarium magazines at some pet stores or at one of the large chain book stores but the best option is to become a subscriber. This not only insures that you will never miss an issue, it is also how you get the best price.

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Tropical Fish Hobbyist

Tropical Fish Hobbyist       Tropical Fish Hobbyist or TFH is the oldest and most revered of all tropical fish magazines. It celebrated its 60th anniversary with the September 2012 issue and I can't begin to tell you how many hours of enjoyment I've gotten reading this magazine. As a child I spent delighted days dreaming of collecting and keeping the fishes described - and I still do today.  TFH has always had good coverage of fish collecting expeditions and that tradition continues with frequent accounts of travels to far flung locals to seek the beauties we all cherish.  Despite the many years of exploration and fish discovery, there is still a constant stream of new fish species being discovered and TFH does a great job of quickly printing info about many of the new species.
      This aquarium magazine is the standard of excellence as far as I am concerned. The writing is top notch and the photography is stunning. The quality of the words and images are greatly enhanced by the oversize heavy gloss paper used throughout the entire magazine. The magazine measures 9 inches wide instead of the standard 8 and the extra inch makes a big difference. The extra size combined with TFH's heavyweight glossy paper make each issue feel more like a book than a magazine.
     TFH also has more content in every issue than the others. The average issue has about 120 pages and of this less than 40 pages are advertising. This is a high content ratio and the content is great. There are monthly columns on freshwater and saltwater aquarium topics, all written by the leading experts in the hobby. The feature articles are true features. They always seem to be as long as needed to really tell the story. I frequently marvel at the number of pages of text and photos that are given to individual stories. Fortunately, most of the articles are great so I love them being long and lavishly illustrated.
   I do need to say that this excellence comes at a price, a monetary price. A subscription to TFH will be about $40.00 per year. However, for me there is no question when it comes time to renew, I gladly pay the price for a truly exceptional magazine. If you would like more information about subscribing to TFH please go here   Tropical Fish Hobbyist


iconicon      Amazonas is an amazing magazine. It is beautiful, a real work of art that is stuffed with detailed information about all types of freshwater tropical fishes.. Each issue features a main theme that provides amazingly detailed information about the subject. For example, a typical 100 page issue will devote 30 pages to the cover topic. Some previous cover topics are Discus, Licorice Gouramis, Aquatic Plants and Angelfish. The information provided in these articles is very detailed and is most likely beyond the interest of the beginning or casual hobbyist. However, for the serious fish enthusiast this is a must-read publication.
       Amazonas came to life in 1996 as a German language only publication. It was immediately lauded by expert fish keepers around the world and in 2012. the first English language version was printed. Amazonas is published bi-monthly, six issues a year. It is a standard sized magazine but is printed on especially high quality paper. Currently, each issue contains 100 pages with about 65 pages of quality content. There are about 30 pages of advertising and a few pages of miscellaneous content.
        The editors and authors are global experts and the depth of their experience and knowledge is obvious. In addition to the cover feature, there is in-depth content on collecting tropical fishes, breeding tips and techniques, species profiles, new discoveries, natural habitats and other topics. Since most of the authors are not native English speakers, you will occasionally find wording that may seem a little awkward. However, the intent of the author is obvious.
      If you love fishkeeping you owe it to yourself to get this magazine. Individual copies of Amazonas are available at select pet stores across the country for $7.99 and subscriptions are less than $30 For subscription information visit  Amazonas Magazine icon

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Practical Fishkeeping

iconicon      If you really want to keep up on the fish keeping hobby, Practical Fishkeeping is a great magazine that you might be interested in. It is full of great content by top experts. Unfortunately, it is published in Great Britain and is not easily available in the US. It is possible to get a subscription but the cost is high. We have a link below if you are interested.
       I used to occasionally visit a shop in my wife's home town which carried the magazine and I was able to pick up quite a few issues for several years. I was always happy to pick up a copy and enjoyed the content. As someone with a keen interest in all aspects of the hobby, I was also always fascinated to note the differences between the hobby in the US and the UK.
       Practical Fishkeeping has always featured some of the best know aquarists in the world. Their mix of regular columnists and feature writers like Heiko Bleher and Takashi Amano serve up some great info. At Practical Fishkeeping they strive to provide quality information about both freshwater and marine aquarium keeping as well as ponds and cold water fish. Their emphasis is on practical tips for the average aquarist.
        Practical Fishkeeping was first published in 1966 and, as of 2012, they put out 13 issues each year. There is a reason why this is the top selling magazine in Great Britain. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this publication without paying a hefty price. It is expensive in it's home country and with international postage included expect to pay over $100 for a one year subscription. If you are in the US, this is the best source I have found for Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

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