Best Carpet Cleaning Method in California

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The best method used by our carpet cleaning professionals is a hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning and is the method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.

Our highly advanced hot Steam carpet cleaning just not only gives you the cleanest, freshest rug cleaning carpet cleaning service you will ever experience however it also provides reassurance knowing that your carpet and tile is eliminate germs and harmful bacteria in addition to other particles that could cause colds, the flu together with other respiratory issues. Plain and simple owning a clean carpet alleviates heath issues. See Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Discounts

The biggest difference with your professional cleaning method is we simply make sure you use industry-leading “GREEN” detergents (not Cleaning Process chemicals) which are eco friendly, non toxic and bio-gradable.

These carpet-friendly detergents you’re able to resolve your carpet and tile to release the heaviest of soils and stains without leaving any dirt attracting residue, often the most typical mistake that other companies make.

We can be so confident in our own power to provide the cleanest, purest carpet cleaning service entirely possible that we provide an industry leading one-year guarantee on our carpet cleaning services.

Carpets Get Cleaner- Results Last Longer

Our system allows the carpet investment to last longer and stay cleaner for an extended time period. It is strongly recommended that you maintain your carpet by having it professionally cleaned at least every year for longevity and health reasons.

Isn’t it a nice feeling to know that the carpet has a possibility to look clean until the next annual cleaning through the methods of our professional carpet cleaning company? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you out, they help resolve any of your respective questions and/or concerns.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal Specialists

If it isn’t treated properly, the odor from pet accidents can travel throughout the whole home and impact your health plus your happiness!

Many Americans love their pets especially their dogs! They’re considered involved with the family. Just like children, pets have accidents in your carpeting. Persons are lucky to posses adaptable sense of smell. While something may smell offensive in the beginning, eventually your nose will come to be less sensitive to the odor so you can go concerning your life in less discomfort.

Pet soil and urine deposited on the carpet not only continue to be in one place! It’ll be spread from your pet simply walking straight onto effected area and walking into other rooms. It doesn’t keep on the surface of the carpeting, it penetrates the fibers and contaminates the backing of your carpets and the flooring material below the carpet. If it is not treated properly, the odor from pet accidents can travel throughout the whole home and impact your own health and your happiness. To properly remove pet odor a little distance from carpeting the one true effective measure is to use natural enzymes.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. will help animal owners to care for his or her pets and freshen their homes. The urine pet odor removal injection used to treat pet urine odor and stain contamination needs to be identified, we utilize several inspection tools to see the contaminated area.

We cure it with an all-natural series of organic cleansing agents used for urine spots, body oils, feces and to discover the bacteria left in the rug from people walking barefoot.

In severely contaminated areas we can even treat it with enzyme injections. These injections attack the urine on the molecular level to breakdown and eat the leftover urine crystals. Our treatment contains enzyme producing bacteria that digest organic waste matter destroying urine odor over at their source for permanent pet odor removal! It withstands high temperatures and PH without losing its effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a proper pet odor removal service and near to you utilizing a safe cleaner to your little furry friends, call us today!