Practical Fishkeeping

If you really want to keep up on the fish keeping hobby, Practical Fishkeeping is a great magazine that you might be interested in. It is full of great content by top experts. Unfortunately, it is published in Great Britain and is not easily available in the US. It is possible to get a subscription but the cost is high. We have a link below if you are interested.

We used to occasionally visit a shop in my uncles’s home town which carried the magazine and we were able to pick up quite a few issues for several years. We were always happy to pick up a copy and enjoyed the content. As someone with a keen interest in all aspects of the hobby, we were also always fascinated to note the differences between the hobby in the US and the UK.

Practical Fishkeeping has always featured some of the best know aquarists in the world. Their mix of regular columnists and feature writers like Heiko Bleher and Takashi Amano serve up some great info. At Practical Fishkeeping they strive to provide quality information about both freshwater and marine aquarium keeping as well as ponds and cold water fish. Their emphasis is on practical tips for the average aquarist.

Practical Fishkeeping was first published in 1966 and, as of 2012, they put out 13 issues each year. There is a reason why this is the top selling magazine in Great Britain. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this publication without paying a hefty price. It is expensive in it’s home country and with international postage included expect to pay over $100 for a one year subscription. If you are in the US, this is the best source we have found for Practical Fishkeeping Magazine