Whats New in Master Bath Remodeling Trends?

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Luxury Master Baths isn’t just for the spa; it’s now made its way into home bathrooms. It’s all about forcing a calming space, develop a focus on the overall design and the required luxury features. For the newest trends in bathroom design, we consulted a few of our colleagues at Short & King Realtor Associates to know exactly what’re seeing in the market. See Open Houses in Kapolei

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Cabinets: Bathroom cabinets in white or shades of pewter with clean simple lines are trending now, based on Frank Cortez, a realtor in L.A., CA Painted furniture or antiques are now being retrofitted with square sinks (instead of traditional round sinks) to create statement vanities.

Tubs and Showers: Many of today’s master bathrooms have sometimes a freestanding tub, that gives a fresher look when compared to the oversized built-in tubs of earlier decades, or no tub at all. Doorless showers go on to top choices for in-demand features, especially among the age-in-place demographic, shared Katherine Brown, Co-director of builder and developer services for Short & King New Homes. Multiple showerheads, linear drains, stone floors and built-in seating can also be prevalent choices.

Faucets: Gold fixtures are back in elegance, but they’re now sold in muted, rubbed brass shades, also known as “champagne,” according to Donna Corales, a realtor with Short & King from Cerritos office in L.A., CA. Brushed nickel and chrome continue to stay as attractive options.

Countertops: Italian Carrera marble, having its white and blue-grey tones, has been the preferred choice for vanities, as well as showers.

Paint Colors: Coastal colors, similar to soft greens and blues, to design fresh and serene feel within the bathroom. “The ‘new neutrals’ have expanded from white and cream to the pale earthy shades of blue, green and pink which work well in smaller bath spaces generated a few key dark accents so as to add depth,” said Donna.

Tile: Not just blending into the background, tile is currently a focal point. Patterned tile is back develop a renewed deal with craftsmanship in tile design. Donna added that oversized tiles, which might that can start from 12 inches by two feet to 18 inches by 36 inches, are more widely used on floors these days. Ceramic tiles that look like wood eventually develop in popularity as well.

Where else are you able to get design ideas for your bathroom? HGTV or Houzz are beneficial resources, offering a large choice of bathroom ideas for everyone’s tastes. Any local Kapolei HI real estate broker can also share insight on trends they are seeing within the market.