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Whats New in Master Bath Remodeling Trends?

Luxury Master Baths isn’t just for the spa; it’s now made its way into home bathrooms. It’s all about forcing a calming space, develop a focus on the overall design and the required luxury features. For the newest trends in bathroom design, we consulted a few of our colleagues at Short & King Realtor Associates to know exactly what’re seeing in the market. See Open Houses in Kapolei

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Cabinets: Bathroom cabinets in white or shades of pewter with clean simple lines are trending now, based on Frank Cortez, a realtor in L.A., CA Painted furniture or antiques are now being retrofitted with square sinks (instead of traditional round sinks) to create statement vanities.

Tubs and Showers: Many of today’s master bathrooms have sometimes a freestanding tub, that gives a fresher look when compared to the oversized built-in tubs of earlier decades, or no tub at all. Doorless showers go on to top choices for in-demand features, especially among the age-in-place demographic, shared Katherine Brown, Co-director of builder and developer services for Short & King New Homes. Multiple showerheads, linear drains, stone floors and built-in seating can also be prevalent choices.

Faucets: Gold fixtures are back in elegance, but they’re now sold in muted, rubbed brass shades, also known as “champagne,” according to Donna Corales, a realtor with Short & King from Cerritos office in L.A., CA. Brushed nickel and chrome continue to stay as attractive options.

Countertops: Italian Carrera marble, …