Tropical Fish Hobbyist

Tropical Fish Hobbyist or TFH is the oldest and most revered of all tropical fish magazines. It celebrated its 60th anniversary with the September 2012 issue and we can’t begin to tell you how many hours of enjoyment we have gotten reading this magazine. We spent delighted days dreaming of collecting and keeping the fishes described – and I still do today.  TFH has always had good coverage of fish collecting expeditions and that tradition continues with frequent accounts of travels to far flung locals to seek the beauties we all cherish.

Despite the many years of exploration and fish discovery, there is still a constant stream of new fish species being discovered and TFH does a great job of quickly printing info about many of the new species.

This aquarium magazine is the standard of excellence as far as we are concerned. The writing is top notch and the photography is stunning. The quality of the words and images are greatly enhanced by the oversize heavy gloss paper used throughout the entire magazine. The magazine measures 9 inches wide instead of the standard 8 and the extra inch makes a big difference. The extra size combined with TFH’s heavyweight glossy paper make each issue feel more like a book than a magazine.

TFH also has more content in every issue than the others. The average issue has about 120 pages and of this less than 40 pages are advertising. This is a high content ratio and the content is great. There are monthly columns on freshwater and saltwater aquarium topics, all written by the leading experts in the hobby. The feature articles are true features. They always seem to be as long as needed to really tell the story. We frequently marvel at the number of pages of text and photos that are given to individual stories. Fortunately, most of the articles are great so we love them being long and lavishly illustrated.

We do need to say that this excellence comes at a price, a monetary price. A subscription to TFH will be about $40.00 per year. However, for us there is no question when it comes time to renew, we gladly pay the price for a truly exceptional magazine. If you would like more information about subscribing to TFH please go here > Tropical Fish Hobbyist