How to Celebrate Safely at Home with Family Members During the Covid-19 Pandemic

For those who are arranging a special function at home, or even thinking about the ideal gift for your special someone, an outstanding home cleaning service is essential to remain calm and safe during the current pandemic in the Northern California area. Whether or not you’re inviting a few relatives or throw a limited celebration regarding the household family, follow the preventive measures of the following house cleaning checklist to remain out of risk. Visit Sacramento home cleaning services for seniors.


Doorknobs are one of the first things we touch before entering the home. Whether you invite anyone to your house or you and your family are only staying inside for a family day, it’s a good idea to disinfect the most-touched surfaces.


Sure you wash your hands, but what about disinfecting your faucets? Anytime that you open the faucet, you grab a potentially germ-covered surface. Protect your family’s health by disinfecting this often overlooked stock in the bathroom.

Light switches

When you’re giving an outstanding disinfectant wipe to all of your faucets and doorknobs, don’t forget to reach those light switches, pulleys, another frequently touched surface.

Keyboards and mouses

Computing much? Wipe those every single day-use electronic devices and get rid of any germ or viruses stuck found on the buttons. Have strict precautions if other persons are making use of the computer. Like this, your family will safely home office or put some upbeat music on your family party.

Counters and dinner tables

In fact, all over that you eat or put stuff has to be adequately disinfected. Many individuals are buying their love ones a gift by delivery or purchasing more groceries for a big family Day dinner. Don’t forget to clean your stuff as well as the tables once you put everything in its place.


A greater number of families stay at home to celebrate during this Covid-19 pandemic, the greater amount of important this task becomes. Disinfect the arms, seats, and chair back being a priority.

Easy to reach furniture

At this point is especially for most families with small children. That furniture in which you put all of the family photos, for instance, is commonly overlooked but might be an outstanding spot for kids to touch everything. Dust and wipe that furniture and protect your people from germs.


Allow the premium treatment to your current sinks; in spite of everything, that’s the place where everyone washes their hands after getting back from work or the groceries. Spray the best disinfectant, wipe it clean, and also you’ll be good.

Outside of cupboards

The kitchen and bathroom cabinets need to be thoroughly disinfected should you’re planing a tasty dinner—and also shinny and clean for everybody to see.


Your shoes touch the ground on going for a run or a walk everyday basis, caring dust, dirt, and germs with them. Vacuum all of your carpets and rugs, especially those rugs which can be situated on the entryway. If you’ve hard floors, mop them a scented disinfectant and get a fragrant result. Also, it doesn’t hurt to stay away from everything that falls situated on the floor.

Video games and remote controls

Celebrating with family could mean a movie night, and evening with board games, or just quick sessions of video games within the living room. Disinfect all of the controls to make sure everyone seems to be touching a fresh surface.

We hope this house cleaning list was used by you. However, if you want a professional and above average cleaning company contact The Sacramento Home Cleaning Co. We are following strict protocols to ensure our clients’ health, and then we can also be providing disinfecting services that literally encompass every aspect of the home maintenance trade in this checklist.

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